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I’m J.D., a life coach turned mental health advocate. I’ve been battling anxiety and depression for over 10+ years — and I know I’m not the only one who struggles with their mental health. That’s why I started Fragile Moments.

Armed with the power of responsible storytelling coupled with sustainable holistic health practices, I’m on a mission to create a mental health ecosystem for people who are challenged by anxiety and depression and to better educate the general public on this life-threatening mental illness.

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Connect and Converse
My goal is to build a mental health ecosystem that garners trust and authenticity to all those who come across the work of Fragile Moments.
Creating a community and having authentic conversations is a part of that, so let's chat!
What the world needs now more than ever isn’t another diet plan or exercise program, what we need is a course correction in our mental health.

Collectively we can do that one small step at a time.

Keynotes, podcast interviews, and custom sessions tailored to inspire mental health awareness and help you and/or your audience reconnect to their body and mind.

Topics Include:

Talks about the effects of undiagnosed mental illnesses, repressed trauma, and the importance of mental healthcare in our homes, workplace, and beyond, talks about the importance of destigmatizing mental illness and why that takes more than saying mental health matters.
Podcast Guest Appearances
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J.D. shares his powerful journey of battling anxiety and depression for over a decade, and how he has built resilience in a world that often leads us to question our worth, value, and identity.
JD speaks to us about his experience, both positive and negative, in being a stay-at-home dad. He talks about navigating the societal stigma and perceptions while prioritizing self-care.
Signature Talks

The Importance Of Empathy

Be Real About How You Feel

Understanding Happiness

A Look At The Science Of Happiness

The Art Of Courage

Everyday Bravery For Meaningful Living

Why Making Mistakes Is Important

Mistakes Are An Unavoidable Part Of Life & Vital To Growth

Music And Mental Health

Music Is A Fundamental Attribute Of The Human Species

The Wonders Of Meditation

Benefits For Your Mind And Body.

I welcome opportunities to work with organizations that are looking to boost their employees’ mental health literacy with a more anxiety and depression disorder-informed approach.

Topics include:

Using inclusive language for educators and clinicians; developing anti-bias guidelines for newsrooms; and building a more mental health-friendly environment in the workplace.
Life Coaching
Life coaching with Fragile Moments can help you figure out who you want to be, where you are going, and how to get there. You can let go of fear and self-doubt, gain new focus and confidence, embrace and empower the real you, and move forward with positivity and purpose.

Supporting clients to change their lives is truly what you love to do most.
Fan Feedback
  • Sarah Lewin
    JD is professional, personable, and connects well with the audience.

  • Samuel Willson
    It’s difficult to find someone who can speak about a difficult subject like mental illness in a non-triggering, trauma-informed manner. Keep up the amazing advocacy work, JD!
  • Alex Larkins
    JD has a voice that is much-needed in the mental health space.
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